Suntree Live

A unique blend of live entertainment and electronic music

Suntree Live

Blending beautiful beats with live music

Suntree Live merges electronic music merges with a live performance. The musicians play along on the beats and improvise most part of their performance. The best of both worlds combined: a unique blend of live entertainment and electronic music. This combination provides more interaction with guests than just a DJ. The range of choices is broad and varied: Suntree Live with Oded Nir can be combined with a saxophonist, violinist, percussionist or vocalist.

Whether it’s dinnertime vibes at a company party, swinging 80s at a private party, housebeats in a crowded club, funky beats on the beach or beautiful ballads at a romantic wedding. For every possible event a fitting combination of artists can be provided. Our experienced artists have done, seen and know it all. They truly understand that as an artist you can make or break a vibe and will always be sure the music fits the crowd or circumstance.

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Our Artists

With a passion for music and pleasing crowds

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