Oded Nir ft King Dread James – The Power of Hair

July 11, 2011
Oded Nir ft King Dread James
Suntree Records
Producer: Oded Nir

Suntree Records is delighted to announce the latest release from Oded Nir. It is a brand new track entitled the ‘Power of the Hair’ and it features the wonderful King Dread James on vocals. The song was featured on the recent Universal Records/Happy Music complication ‘Brasserie des Arts St. Tropez 2011’ which also included some of the hottest names in music today. ‘Power of the Hair’ brings these two artists together again to produce a track that has their familiar distinctive sound that has already been heard in previous projects including ‘Late Night Flight’ and ‘Midnight Snacker’.

Each artist brings their unique talents to the track. Oded Nir created a dub flavoured song filled with powerful live elements. The combination of the dynamic live-bass, catchy percussion and rich synths arrangements creates the feel of a perfect summer night. The raw vocals of King Dread James add the finishing touch to the song.  If you respect and believe in the ‘Power of the Hair’ you will be truly blessed!

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