Oded Nir – Midnight Snacker

March 10, 2010
Oded Nir
Suntree Records
Producer: Oded Nir
Midnight Snacker Album, was written after a break-up in love, which created emotions that established an era for musicians to flourish. This album was written, composed and produced by Oded Nir. He found relieve for his emotions in the studio. The search for relieve meant a creation of 13 songs that reflects the concept Music for Late Night . All the music-works fits for moments anyone experiences in every-day life. With a chill-out, lounge and trip-hop signature, this background provides the best vibes when one drives a car, drinking a glass of wine, warm up before clubbing or moving into the after-club. The album also features two singles, released early 2010. Jack Attack and Moonlight were received well among people from the music-industry. Moonlight was released on 15th of January 2010 and was the first single release of the album. On Moonlight, manifestations of warm chill-out melodies and beautiful vocals by the talented Italian/Canadian lead singer Claudia Di Lemme are fitted in this groovy down-tempo song. It arises the question of wondering if “it will happen again”, as Ronit Apple performed in the backing vocals. Jack Attack was released on the 29th of January 2010 and brings you the story of Jack the cat – ‘king of the night’. The splendid and soulful beats with catchy melodies will lift you up and will keep anyone there. On ‘Jack Attack’ the talented vocalist Isa Bornau takes you with her voice to another dimension. This album is shaped with human emotions which lead listeners their way into everyday activities. Oded Nirs musical influence has the impact to build 13 magnificent songs, all of them touches anyone with the diversity of down-tempo, chill-out and soulful feel. Experience the new Music for late night on the magnificent album “Midnight Snacker”.
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