Oded Nir

Blending beautiful beats with original sounds

Oded Nir is an Amsterdam-based chill out/ lounge/soulful/deep producer/remixer with a driving beat as also the main man behind Suntree Records and Suntree Agency. Covering all flavours within the house and chill-out genre combined with productions released on his own respected label Suntree Records as well as on Universal, it is obvious that Oded Nir can tackle all dimensions of the sound with tremendous ease.

From the Cannes Midem Festival to the Ibiza Club in China, Oded is a well-known personality in the international music scene. He has residencies in the top clubs and A-list hotels in Amsterdam and he deeply enjoys to dj throughout Europe, such as in Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Portugal.

Who wouldn’t want an artist like him to brighten up a party? Check it out for yourself with this short portrait the Amsterdam tv-station AT5 made of this true musician.

Latest Release

To get you in the mood

Suntree Records is proud to present: Ibiza the Remixes!
Following the success of ‘Ibiza’ single by Eric Faria & Jorge Araujo ft. Susanne Alt, originally released in summer of 2017, Suntree records decided to open our 2018 releases season and to bring you the remixes package of this beautiful Chillhouse / Soulful anthem!
New mixes were freshly baked specially for us by Oded Nir, D-Reflection, and DJ Le Baron, teaming up to deliver an EP full of Sunset goodies that are ready to warm up your winter
Have a taste of Suntree!

Original mix produced by Eric Faria & Jorge Araujo
Additional remix production by Oded Nir, D-Reflection, Le Baron
Mastered by Richard Earnshaw

Check out the music section for even more sounds from Oded Nir!

His Performances

With a passion for music and pleasing crowds

Oded Nir Live

A unique blend of live entertainment and electronic music

Oded Nir Live merges electronic music with a live performance. The musicians plays along on the beats and improvise most part of their performance. The best of both worlds combined: a unique blend of live entertainment and electronic music. This combination provides more interaction with guests than just a DJ. The range of choices is broad and varied: Oded Nir can be combined with a saxophonist, violinist, percussionist or vocalist.

Whether it’s dinnertime vibes at a company party, swinging 80s at a private party, housebeats in a crowded club, funky beats on the beach or beautiful balads at a romantic wedding. For every possible event a fitting combination of artists can be provided. Our experienced artists have done, seen and know it all. They truly understand that as an artist you can make or break a vibe and will always be sure the music fits the crowd or circumstance.

All live artists that can be booked for Oded Nir Live are mentioned on the Suntree Agency. Please let us know which artists you prefer in the bookings form. We will try to accommodate your wishes, but we cannot guarantee them.

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Images by Mike van der Toorn (http://www.mikevandentoorn.com)

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